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Career Decision-making
Difficulties Questionnaire

The CDDQ's goal is to identify
the career decision-making difficulties
you may have and recommend ways
to overcome them.


Emotional and Personality-related
Career decision Difficulties

EPCD will provide you with feedback
about the sources of your career
decision-making difficulties and
recommend ways to deal with them.


Beliefs about
Career Decisions

The goal of this questionnaire
is to reflect different perceptions
and beliefs that you may have
concerning career decision making.


Strategies of Coping with
Career Indecision

The feedback for the SCCI reflects
the strategies you use to
cope with career indecision.


Career Decision Making
Profile questionnaire

The goal of CDMP is to
enable you to learn about your
career decision-making profile (style).


Career Preference

Get feedback about how clear
are your career preferences:
How well you know what you're
looking for in your future career?


Higher Education Orientation

The HEO will provide you with
feedback about the meaning
higher education has for you.


Work Orientation Questionnaire

The WOQ will provide you with
feedback about what you're
really looking for at work


Recommended Career
Decision-Making Stages

PIC will provide you with a systematic,
3-stage process leading to
making a better career decision.


Compare and

CHOICE will assist you in comparing
a few alternatives on your final
shortlist so you can choose the best one.


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