Prof. Itamar Gati Ph.D.    פרופסור איתמר גתי   

To be Presented at the Postgraduate Workshop at Padova, Italy, May 2010
The assessment and treatment of career decision-making difficulties

Career Decision Making Profile (Pattern, Style)

The PIC (Prescreening, In-depth exploration, Choice) model

The role of career counselors in implementing PIC

Implementing PIC-MBCD

Supporting evidence for PIC

To be Presented at National Congress of Vocational Guidance
Facilitating Career Decision Making

Presentations at the International Counseling Psychologists Conference, Chicago 2008–02–29
Facilitating Career Decision-Making

The Implications of Preference Crystallization on Career Decision-Making

The Effect of Gender-Stereotypes on Explicitand Implicit Career Prefernces

From Parsons' "True Reasoning" to Models and Applications in Career Decision Making

Making Better Career Decision

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