Development Team and Sources of Support

The CDDQ.ORG is based on research performed at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and The Ohio State University by a team led by Prof. Itamar Gati.

The team specializes in studying career decision-making in general, including difficulties encountered when making career decisions, the strategies used and the compromises involved, and developing computer-assisted career guidance systems that facilitate the decision-making process.

Current Team members
  • Prof. Itamar Gati

  • Shahar Hectlinger, Nimrod Levin, Dr. Yulia Lipshits-Braziller, Tirza Willner, Dr. Tony Gutentag, Neta Abramovich, Ran Cohen, Adi Tene

Previous Team members
  • Prof. Samuel Osipow - The Ohio State University

  • Yasmin Abofoul, Shira Agasi, Dr. Tami Amir, Dr. Itay Asher, Hadas Ben-Ari, Liat Barkai-Goodman, Eitan Bocian, Ruth Bouganim, Michal Eliakim, Naomi Fassa, Dr. Reuma Gadassi, Tali Ever-Hadani, Valentina Izrailevitch, Dr. Leah Israelevitch, Dr. Liat Kibari,   Dr. Tali Kleiman, Dr. Mina Krausz, Dr. Shiri Landman, Maya Perez, Gal Ram, Dr. Aluma Reiss, Dr. Noa Saka, Dr. Aviva Shimoni, Dr. Dana Vertsberger, Ido Wiesel.

The development team thanks the following people for their cooperation and assistance in the development and research:
  • Dr. Yitzhak Garty - Former Director of the Hadassah Career Counseling Institute.

  • Prof. Ofra Nevo - University of Haifa

  • Adina Orenshtein - Department of Counseling, Office of Education

  • Aida Stronegin and the career counselors at the Hadassah Career Counseling Institute.

Funding and support for the research and development of the questionnaire were obtained from:

  • The USA-Israel Binational Science Foundation

  • School of Education and Department of Psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  • Chief Scientist - Department of Education

  •  The NCJW Institute for Research for Innovation.

  •  Israel Science Foundation.

  • The Horovitz Foundation.

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