Development Team and Sources of Support

The CDDQ.ORG is based on research performed at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and The Ohio State University by a team led by Prof. Itamar Gati.

The team specializes in studying career decision-making in general, including difficulties encountered when making career decisions, the strategies used and the compromises involved, and developing computer-assisted career guidance systems that facilitate the decision-making process.

Current Team members
  • Prof. Itamar Gati - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  • Shahar Hectlinger, Nimrod Levin, Yulia lipshits, Zehava Masuri, Omer Plotnik, Galy Wolkowicz.

Previous Team members
  • Prof. Samuel Osipow - The Ohio State University

  • Dr. Mina Krausz - The Hebrew University and the Guidance Unit at the Israeli Veteran Administration

  • Yasmin Abofoul, Shira Agasi, Dr. Tami Amir, Dr. Itay Asher, Hadas Ben-Ari, Eitan Bocian, Ruth Bouganim, Michal Eliakim, Naomi Fassa, Reuma Gadassi, Tony Gutentag, Tali Ever-Hadani, Valentina Izrailevitch, Dr. Leah Israelevitch,  Dr. Tali Kleiman, Dr. Shiri Landman, Maya Perez, Gal Ram, Dr. Noa Saka, Dr. Aviva Shimoni, Dana Vertsberger, Ido Wiesel.

  • Liat Barkai-Goodman, Liat Kibari, Dr. Aluma Reiss - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The development team thanks the following people for their cooperation and assistance in the development and research:
  • Dr. Yitzhak Garty - Former Director of the Hadassah Career Counseling Institute.

  • Prof. Ofra Nevo - University of Haifa

  • Adina Orenshtein - Department of Counseling, Office of Education

  • Aida Stronegin and the career counselors at the Hadassah Career Counseling Institute.

Funding and support for the research and development of the questionnaire were obtained from:

  • The USA-Israel Binational Science Foundation

  • School of Education and Department of Psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  • Chief Scientist - Department of Education

  •  The NCJW Institute for Research for Innovation.

  •  Israel Science Foundation.

  • The Horovitz Foundation.

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